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Teaching 4th and 5th grade reading isn't always easy, but having the resources you need just got easier.


Engage Your Students

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You need resources that:

  • are engaging

  • are hands-on

  • allow your students to practice skills in a variety of different ways

  • will motivate your students

  • let your students practice with modalities that are interesting to them

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Are you frustrated with the lack of resources available to you? Maybe…

you have district-provided curriculum…but the materials are not engaging or don't include the targeted skill practice you know your students need.

you have a list of standards to teach...but without engaging, hands-on materials, bringing those standards to life seems nearly impossible.

you struggle to find resources that are motivating for students...but also rigorous enough to meet your skills and standards.

Get ready to put those struggles behind you!

Imagine having a vast collection of reading resources and activities to help you:

meet the rigorous demands of grade-level standards

reach readers with a wide range of ability levels

engage students with a refreshing variety of tasks and activities

A Game-Changer for 4th and 5th Grade Teachers!


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What Other Teachers Have Said About Some of the Reading Resources Included in the All-Access Membership

About Skill-Specific

IF I COULD LEAVE THIS RESOURCE 10 STARS I WOULD!!!! When I downloaded the resources, I could not believe how many amazing materials it included! Not only are the print versions of each unit over 100 pages, each unit comes with over 10 digital activities as well, from anchor charts and graphic organizers, to practice pages and Google Form quizzes! This is the most amazing reading resource that I didn't even know I needed- THANK YOU!!!

About Reading Intervention Resources:

Just what I needed-mature looking activities, higher level thinking questions, but text that is manageable for my lower readers.

Thanks for making "grown up activities" on their level; nothing worse than older kids being embarrassed by 'babyish' activities!

About Science of Reading Resources:

Wholly amazing resource Batman! Seriously this is exactly what I was looking for. Teaching syllable types to students is a great way to differentiate instruction. My excellent readers and spellers are still challenged by learning these new concepts. I use the skills taught throughout the day when a new word is learned; we break it apart into the syllables. The readings are well written, funny and engaging. The vocabulary is perfect for grade 4/5. Thanks for creating this!

Let me show you what is waiting for you inside the All-Access Reading Membership!

Strengthen your students' ability to understand and analyze fiction stories

You will have instant access to posters, graphic organizers, passages, several activities, and exit slips for the following fiction skills:

  • Characters

  • Setting

  • Plot

  • Comparing Story Elements

  • Point of View

  • Theme

  • Making Inferences

  • Poetry, Prose, and Drama

  • Figurative Language

  • Context Clues

  • Summarizing Fiction

Help your students master nonfiction skills to build their reading skills for life

You will have instant access to posters, graphic organizers, passages, several activities, and exit slips for the following nonfiction skills:

  • Main Idea

  • Text Structure

  • Main Point - Reasons & Evidence

  • Multiple Accounts of the Same Event

  • Multiple Accounts of the Same Topic

  • Context Clues

  • Summarizing Nonfiction

  • Integrating Information

Continue teaching your students how to read with resources aligned to the science of reading research

Have the resources you need to:

  • strengthen phonics skills

  • teach your students to decode multisyllabic words

  • build your students' morphology knowledge and skills

  • increase vocabulary skills

  • improve your students' comprehension of grade-level texts

Meet your students where they are BUT still give them access to grade level skills with intervention resources

Skill-based interventions allow your students to practice grade level skills with texts they can read. You'll get access to:

  • grade-level skill practice with passages your students can actually read (written at a 2nd/3rd grade level)

  • activities and centers that even your lowest readers can confidently complete (and enjoy)

Maximize the effectiveness of small group instruction with lessons that are flexible and differentiated

You will get instant access to 7 sets (21 passages + lessons in all) of small group reading lessons with differentiated passages and responsive goals.

And more nonfiction sets coming throughout the year! 

Help your students show what they have learned and retain skills with engaging test prep and review.

Get instant access to resources that set the foundation for testing skills (RACE, text evidence, constructed response) with skill-specific test prep resources coming in December.

Keep your students engaged and motivated with seasonal resources that also support your standards

Grab ready-to-use, low prep engaging passages for every major holiday and season (with skill-based activities).

Show me how to join!

Digital Resources Included

Many resources have digital versions specifically designed with your devices and users in mind.

Self-Checking Practice and Assessments in Google Forms

Interactive Slides with Moveable Pieces and Editable Text Boxes

Engaging and Comprehensive Presentations for Whole Group Activities

Monthly Content Calendars

Always know what new resources are being added to the membership with our content calendars.

Each month, you will get NEW resources to Plan, Teach, Engage, Support, or Assess your students.

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  • Reading Skill Resource Library
  • Skill-Based Intervention Resources
  • Science of Reading Resources
  • Word Study Resources for Decoding and Morphology
  • Paired Passage Resources
  • Test Prep Resources
  • Seasonal/Holiday Resources



Two months FREE with the annual option.

  • Reading Skill Resource Library
  • Skill-Based Intervention Resources
  • Science of Reading Resources
  • Word Study Resources for Decoding and Morphology
  • Paired Passage Resources
  • Test Prep Resources
  • Seasonal/Holiday Resources

Check out this feedback from teachers who have already been using the resources included in the membership!

"This is the answer to my reading center problem! WOW!! This product has been a total game changer in my classroom!"

Skill-Based and Mixed Skill Reading Centers and Activities are included in the membership!

"I used these as a group activity, and my students were just having so much fun and learning at the same time. Thanks a million for creating wonderful resources."

Engaging and Rigorous Reading Centers and Games for Practice, Review, and Test Prep!

"I absolutely could not function without these in my teacher toolbox! My students (like most 4th grade students) struggle to stay focused & on task. Add in a few hands-on centers, a few digital centers, and maybe a game and POOF! They are back on track!"

Digital versions of most activities and centers are included!

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